Concept - Jaxana Restaurant



Cocina fusión y coctelería creativa

Jaxana Restaurant

The origin of this project lies in the figure of Nacho Hernández Almira, renowned Tenerife chef, whose career has extensive experience despite his youth. Nacho takes advantage of his passion as a traveler to train continuously every time he visits a destination, knowing new products, techniques and elaborations.

Its cuisine is characterized by a fusion of Asian touches with influences from exotic countries, using local quality products. His last adventure in Asia, in which he spent more than six months in different countries in search of new ideas, led him to undertake this ambitious project together with his partners.

Jaxana Restaurant was born with a clear and different gastronomic concept to the current offer of Asian cuisine on the island of Tenerife. A style of restaurant that fuses high quality Asian food with creative cocktails.

Twelve Southeast Asian countries referred to by their cuisine and which mark their identity are: Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. From these twelve countries the menu is born, inspired by typical dishes of each area and the entire corporate image of the restaurant.

Jaxana Restaurant is aimed at a public fond of travel and good food, with concerns and eager to experience new flavors or remember some of their travel experiences.

Recipes made with fresh and quality products, adapt to tastes and habits of European consumers, playing with Asian cuisine and touches of our Canarian cuisine. We use cooking and elaboration techniques that enhance the product, achieving results of the highest quality, with current, elegant and attractive presentations for the diner.